Zupyak launches 1st AI-based Search Optimized Content Creation platform with 200,000 users in India

by GCN Editor
Today, Zupyak takes the first step in helping users create fantastic content using AI with it’s AI writer. The AI writer is the only end to end content creator tool where users can create search optimized content marketing based on actual search data to ensure maximum engagement & a better search engine optimisation. 

Increasing paid marketing costs explain the growth
The costs for paid media has increased rapidly over the last few years. To create content that indirectly promote products or services while providing reader value, has been gaining importance ever since with companies deploying content marketing tactics with a dedicated budget.

Our vision is to help all businesses, freelancers and agencies with three things enabled by AI: Content Ideation, Creation and Publishing. We feel that the tools available today are too complex, and that creating great content optimized for specific channels such as search needs to be much simpler. You should not need multiple platforms to do this. Zupyak’s users are everything from tech companies in India to e-Commerce companies in the US. What they have in common is that they have realized the value of content based marketing and building their organic presence for the long term rather than buying customers over and over again” says Erik Wikander, CEO & Co-Founder.

The content being published on the platform is very broad, related to everything from buying the right tractor tyres to how to hike up Mount Everest. The largest user base is in India and the US. So far the company has not invested anything in paid media, and the majority of the users have found the platform through word of mouth.

Zupyak was started by Qi Cao, but when growth took off through word of mouth Qi met Erik Wikander (ex CMO/CPO at Lendify) and Patrik Brännfors (ex CBDO at Readly) who formed the founding team. The company recently closed a financing round with highly notable angel investors such as Magnus Bergman, who was the first investor in Truecaller, Fredrik Posse (founder of Soundtrap, sold to Spotify) and Gunnar Bergvall, the founder of Sweden's largest TV network TV4.